Adelaide Underwater Photography

I have grown up by the ocean. My childhood is full of memories by the seaside. Swimming,  body surfing, making sandcastles, hot chips on the beach.  We lived a few minutes walk to the beach and every holiday was to a beach location. Now I have my own family, we are creating the same memories. My soul is happiest at the beach. 

Being influenced by the ocean so much and my love for it, it became clear my favourite location was the beach (I think this is quite obvious….). I would often get families playing on the edge but I always had a vision of getting people in the water. In 2019 I did a model call and found a beautiful Mumma to be who was up for getting in the water for me. This is where things changed for me. My work changed. I had more people wanting to get in the ocean and I loved it. It was only a natural progression to then start doing underwater photos. Almost 2 years after getting that Mumma in the water I did my first underwater photo session and became hooked.

You, Me and The Sea sessions are for anyone who loves the ocean. It doesn’t need to be intimidating for you or anyone in your family. We can stay at a depth you are all comfortable with.  

I get a lot of questions about Underwater Photo sessions so here is some FAQ’s

Do you Guarantee Underwater Photos?

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee underwater clarity – Mother Nature does what she pleases.  I do underwater sessions in the ocean between October – March when the days are warmer and oceans tend to be calmer. There does need to be some flexibility when booking one of these sessions. The forecast can rapidly change and I only go out in the ocean when its safe and when we have clarity. In saying this the conditions could look perfect clarity wise but with the water constantly moving sometimes currents can come through and stir up the calm seas making the clarity not ideal. When this happens I will do my best to produce images for you or we can talk about rescheduling to another date.

Do I need to be good at holding my breath for a long time?

No absolutely not. It can feel daunting when you first get started but trust me it gets easier. We take as much time as you need and as many breathers as you need. Underwater posing isn’t easy and it can get a little repetitive at the start but when you warm up to it all and get comfortable you will feel like a mermaid and not want the session to end. I am there to guide you the whole time and I will be right by your side.  

Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes! You will need to know how to swim/tread water. The ocean can be a dangerous place and your safety is my priority. If you aren’t an amazing swimmer we can stay in the shallows or you could bring along a surf board or SUP to sit on/hold on to.  Ideally I want you to feel comfortable swimming and staying underwater for 5-10 seconds if possible.

How deep will we go?

This depends on you and how comfortable you are. The deepest I go is around 10 feet. Most of the time we stay at a depth of around 3-5 feet. 

What should I wear?

A good pair of bathers that have coverage so that you don’t need to worry about adjusting while you are swimming.

Who can do these sessions?

Anyone! I have had maternity, couples, families with older kids, families with babies (we stay in the shallows or use props), Really anyone can do these sessions as long as you can hold your breath for 5 or so seconds and tread water.

How does the session work?

We always start on land and then move to the edge of the water, then into the shallows and slowly progress deeper into the water at a depth you are comfortable with. Not all images are done under the surface I will also do some above the surface images while we are in the water. You will receive a collection of authentic and salty “one of a kind” images.

Here are some of my favourite Underwater Photos I have taken so far.. I hope to get salty and play mermaids with you too.